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When you invest in a CNC router, you want the right software driving it to maximize productivity and avoid downtime due to costly errors. Mastercam Router delivers the right tool exactly when you need it.
Anyone with a CNC router, from the home hobbyist to professional manufacturers, can appreciate the ease, speed, and reliability of Mastercam Router. The software delivers industry-proven NC programming for safe and efficient router machining of everything from wood to composite materials.
From CAD inception to part completion, Mastercam Router is designed as a comprehensive solution for manufacturing productivity.
Mastercam Router supports features that are unique to CNC routers, including toolpath and geometry nesting, block drill support, aggregate head support, saw cutting support, and full 2- through 5-axis cutting.

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Many CAM packages for CNC routers are limited in scope, but with Mastercam, you have the flexibility to do more. From simple 2D programming to complex 5-axis machining, the world’s leading CAM Software helps get the best performance out of CNC routers.

*   Full 3D CAD modeling.
*   Versatility to program simple contours and nest them or set up Automatic Toolpathing.
*   Powerful Multiaxis tool motion.
*   Complete tool library and custom tool support.

*   Specialized options like Art and5-Axis Curve Machining and Drilling.
*   Toolpath creation, verification, and simulation for any CNC router.
*   Feature-rich product allows shops to diversify as needed to remain competitive.